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Temporary Work Permits

A work permit is an authorization to work in Canada for a specified amount of time. Although some may qualify for an open work permit, most permits are issued for a specific employer, position and location. Visa officers assess if you are admissible to Canada, are capable to perform the duties of the job and have the intention to leave Canada at the end of the authorized period. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and job offer typically accompany a work permit applications. Certain LMIA exemption work permits are available for specific occupations and/or on the grounds of an international agreement, such as free trade agreements.

Working Holiday & Young Professionals

Many countries have signed an agreement with Canada which gives their citizens the opportunity to participate in programs such as the Working Holiday Program (WHP) or Young Professional Program (YPP). Under the WHP you are issued a 1 or 2 year open work permit and under the YPP you are issued a 1 year work permit for a position that is related to your studies (a job offer is required). Both programs are LMIA exempt. Please note specific restrictions, such as age, apply to these programs.

Open Work Permits

Spouses or common law partners of study permit or skilled (NOC 0, A, B) work permit holders may qualify for an open work permit. Open work permits allow you to work for any employer or multiple employers on a full or part time basis.You must still undergo a medical examination to be authorized to work with small children and in the medical field.

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